Profit Maximiser Risk Free Trial

Purchasing Betting Systems can be a very daunting prospect. You have your doubts about anything offering to make you rich, and you are quite right to be sceptical about anything offering to do just that for you.

At the same time, the owners of a betting system, who have put in all the hard work, aren’t just going to give it – and all their hard earned secrets – away for nothing.

This is what makes the two Profit Maximiser trial offers such good value for money.

There is basically two ways to try out the Profit Maximiser betting system to see if it’s for you. They are both effectively risk free trials, although they do involve parting with some money up front.

Offer 1 – Purchase 14 Days of Profit Maximiser for just £1.00 + Vat

This is proving to be a very popular offer. Using this method, you purchase 14 days up front for £1.00 + Vat (a total of £1.20).

Using this method you get the chance to have a good look around the system, see exactly what’s on offer, and you even have the opportunity (inside the 14 days) to go some way to making the full subscription money you will need to purchase the system outright.

By the end of the 14 days, you will either have to decide to cancel the Profit Maximiser system, or you will need to pay the remaining £96.00 + Vat, to complete the purchase.

The worst case scenario here, is that it will cost you £1.20, which is non refundable.

Option 2 – Purchase Profit Maximiser outright, and activate the full 100% refund

This is the more daunting of the two offers. I know that you will get a no questions asked 100% total refund of your subscription money back, just for asking, as long as it inside the 30 days money back guarantee period.

Using this option, you will make your subscription money back inside the 30 day period, meaning that you will effectively get it for free.

What the 30 day guarantee does though, is allow you to purchase with confidence, use the system, and then ask for your money back.

Using this method, you have absolutely nothing to lose, but that is only if you trust the refund. I can tell you, that you will definitely get it, but who am I to you?

If you are sceptical in anyway about the refund, but like the sound of Profit Maximiser, then you are probably best to risk £1.20 on the 14 day offer. If you trust the source, Mike Cruickshank and Clickbank (the company’s platform used to sell the product), then you might want to just try out the system for the 30 days.

The choice is yours, but the £1.20 offer does make it a lot easier in my view. I totally understand scepticism when it comes to paying money for something that promises to make you money, and I would certainly think very hard before parting with the best part of one hundred quid.

Profit Maximiser isn’t gambling, and there is no real risk involved. There is no waiting on your Premier League treble to come in on Saturday, it’s simply an arbitrage / matched betting product, that makes risk free money.

Parting with a pound to give in a go isn’t a great risk, I would have no problem trying it out for that price with the prospect of making a few quid.

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